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“Here’s something that looks both calmer than the ‘murder aliens for engine
parts’ shtick, but also more unsettling.” 
- Rock Paper Shotgun

“Taking a more contemplative approach, then, Tether appears to portray its horror through isolation and self-reflection. Admittedly I'm a fan of non-combat exploration games—walking sims if you prefer—but I'm nevertheless intrigued to learn more about Lesleigh's tale and decisions she faces.” - PC Gamer


This is an early proof of concept demo made in 2017 by a team of 7 developers from all over the world in 6 months. The project is currently cancelled.

A team of dedicated developers worked really hard on this so it seems a shame not let this project see the light of day. Any funds raised will go straight back into development of the project. 

When extracting the project from the zip file please use 7-zip as other software tends to corrupt some of the files needed. This is NOT an .exe version of the game.

Xbox & PS4 controllers are semi-supported. 


Tether is a first-person adventure game based in a dilapidated science fiction world. Earth is dying after the collapse of several continents throughout the world following the destruction of the Moon - as natural disasters sweep the planet, the newly formed United Environmental Federation (UEF) accelerate plans to terraform the nearest possible habitable planet, Mars.

You play as Lesleigh Hayes - a Biological Research Assistant for the UEF - on her first deep space voyage to Mars. Once aboard the Sonne, Lesleigh's thoughts turn to her children as she re-lives some of their final conversations before leaving. As catastrophic events unfold on the UEF Sonne, Lesleigh is forced to survive the psychological horrors of isolation in deep space. 

Can she live with the consequences of her choices? How will these affect her children? Is this how motherhood should be?

Development Team:

Mark Gregory - Game & Level Design
Ian McCamant - Narrative Design & Writer
Nathan Winfield - Programming
Callum Donaldson - Sound Design
Eddy Kassabian - Composer
Rachel Alderson - 2D Art

Voice Artists:

Tamara Ryan - Lesleigh & Peter
Lucas Shuneman - Sean
Josh Musser - Max
Luke Benning - Ceilion
Anna Chloe Moorey - Kelsey



Install instructions

This is an engine version of the project not an .exe it will not install a copy of the game onto your Windows device. Please use 7-zip to extract. 


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Hey, played your demo.
Awesome atmosphere, must say!
Too many things are interactable and the throwable with force, which distracted me a little, none the less, hope you guys are able to complete the game.

Many thanks for the compliments, physics FTW ;)


Hi! I am contacting creators/developers on behalf of a graduate researcher studying how Lovecraft is represented in games. If you have time to complete a 10-minute survey about Tether, please send a message to: masonsmith [at] tamu [dot] edu.

So sorry we missed this.